2014 - More crazy on the way!

So Happy New Year!  To anyone who is actually ever still checking this much neglected blog.  ;-)

Well, I have the best of intentions to blog more often.  I frequently have ideas or start blog posts in my head.  And then never quite get them down before the idea vanishes or my attention is diverted in all the other directions that my life is going these days.

But I do have a few minutes right now, I'm already at the laptop, so I thought I'd share a few of the numerous things going on in our lives these days.

The kids are keeping busy - basketball, soccer, baseball for John, gymnastics for Kara, traveling lots - Disney cruise was back in December (but we are all still enjoying all our memories from that trip!), Richmond in January, Wintergreen (for snowtubing and snowboarding) in February, maybe a weekend away for Matt and I in March (maybe??), OBX for spring break, Maine in July, and who knows where else in between.  Matt will also head to Las Vegas in January for a quick work trip.

We are all getting into new interests - Kara has been surprising us all with her growing enjoyment of reading (SO cool to watch her be excited to sit down and start reading a chapter book!), John is loving his new Kindle (and thus, is reading even MORE than he was, which I didn't think was possible),  Matt's new job is continuing to go well, and I am having a good year with the preschool and getting more and more involved again there, which makes me happy and is keeping me challenged.  We are working on various house projects, planning lots of things to do, and trying to remember that down time is critically important as well.  (Not always successful, but we have had a few snow days recently that have been blissfully relaxing, thankfully.)

Things are constantly in a state of flux around here lately.  I've said to numerous mom-friends lately that I'm trying to get back to "normal" after the holidays, but I'm starting to understand that there really is no such thing as "normal" anymore.  And they all laugh, but then agree that their life feels that way too.  I wonder, does that mean I've turned us into "those parents," who keep so busy, busy, busy and it's too much?  I don't know.  Maybe.  But I know my kids seem happy.  We are getting better about giving Kara her own time when John has his activities and not dragging us all to every single thing that one of us does.  This does seem to be helping us all.

So what can I do to carve out a "normal" piece in our lives?  Maybe it's just as simple as keeping our home as our foundation.  The starting, ending, resting, loving part of our day.  The place that we all can be safe, peaceful, and ourselves every day.  I think this is probably every parent's goal, realized or not.  But I think it's worth reminding ourselves of how important that grounding spot can be, for the kids and for us parents, too.  My home is where I'm happiest, where so many family memories are made, and where I want to wrap my arms around my family when I feel unsure, scared, or sad.  This is definitely my grounding spot and I hope it is for my kids too.

My goal for today - to enjoy the time I have at home with the kids today.  Laugh with them, hug and kiss them, and be present in the moment with them.

Happy Monday everyone!

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